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When selling our customers software licences we automatically sign them up to a software maintenance contract with the vendor (in the case of Microsoft Dynamics ERP this can be called Enhancement Plan and runs for one year and in the case of Microsoft Dynamics CRM this is called Software Assurance and runs for two years).
Most customers are willing to let us automatically renew their contracts on their behalf when the anniversary date looms, but there are those few who might question the value of renewing their contract.
We’d like to reassure our customers that when they sign up to a maintenance contract for a Microsoft solution they are indeed getting value for money. What’s more, they are taking an important step in protecting the significant investment they have made in time, money and effort associated with the software they have installed and upon which they depend to fulfil critical business processes.

Essentially, there are three core benefits:

  • Continuous Product Investment - This means that you are able to optimise and increase the performance of your solution by accessing the latest product enhancements...Microsoft is currently investing significant resources - US$ 1 billion worth of R&D - in the Dynamics suite of products - which is far more than any other business software vendor. Product improvements include new version and regulatory compliance releases, product fixes, service and feature packs.
  • Improved Planning - You have a clear and predictable support timeline for your solution, with a minimum of five years support, plus the option to move between one package to another (in the case of ERP, from Standard to Professional or from Module Based Pricing to Business Ready Licensing). Your protected list price forms the basis for future transitions.
  • Direct User Benefits - You will be eligible to use Microsoft’s customer portal – Customer Source – which contains downloads, useful documentation (user manuals, technical White Papers, help files, etc), discussion boards, free online learning, latest news and events. A significant advantage, however, is the technical knowledge base, which helps some of your more technically able staff to troubleshoot, find solutions to common issues and search “how to” guides and articles. This has the potential of reducing your solution cost by relying less on the services of your support partner and maximising the skill-set and productivity of your staff.
M4 Systems therefore strongly advises that each and every customer keep their plan current. For customers who have allowed their plans to lapse there is also the disincentive of re-enrolment fees which can be quite onerous.

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"M4 has provided us with an excellent service from day one. The successful completion of a second, very high profile project has only increased their credibility within the business..."
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