Reduce Support Costs with Self-Help Resources

Customer Source can help you reduce your support costs by enabling you to find answers to your questions at any time and from anywhere through a combination of time-saving, online support tools, searchable technical knowledge base and other community resources.
The technical knowledge base is a comprehensive and searchable database used by Microsoft’s own award-winning technical support team and contains thousands of technical tips, solutions to common problems, usability recommendations and answers to frequently asked questions.
Interactive support and support documentation can enhance your knowledge about the technology in which you have invested. Timely access to this sort of information can help you stay focused on your job and help you perform more effectively.

Influence the Future of Dynamics

Customer Source gives you the chance to air your comments and express your feedback and ideas to help shape future releases of Microsoft Dynamics solutions. You can request new features and enhancements or have the option to vote on ones already submitted by others. Surveys are also available on a periodic basis to help gauge what features are most important to you and your organisation.