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M4 Online Backup

Automated Online Backup System – secure, reliable and stress-free

Although businesses have a legal requirement to safeguard their own or anyone else’s data against loss, corruption or unauthorised disclosure (Data Protection Act, 1998) and despite the fact that 79% of people place significant value on their data with 40% classifying it as "priceless" , poor data
Most businesses today still protect their data by running tape or CD backups. But as the statistics show the conventional system is flawed. In practice, 99% of all businesses do not run a daily backup, 60% of backups are incomplete, 50% of restores fail, only 25% of tapes are stored off-site and end-user compliance with backups is only 8%.
M4 Systems have teamed up with Techgate, specialists in providing organisations with cost-effective, outsourced, managed data and server solutions, to provide an online solution which customers will find effective, safe and, above all, reliable.
The M4 Online Backup solution does all the work for you by automatically and securely backing up your data each night and transmitting it to two offsite data centres within highly secure and separate IBM business continuity buildings. With an online backup system losing a file is no longer the major drama it used to be. Backed up data is available online 24 x 7 and it only takes a few clicks to retrieve any file, anytime day or night.
If you’re still using outdated tape backup systems, switching to an online system could give you huge advantages.

An online service is:

  • Automatic – a "set and forget" system, just set up your backup choices and schedules and the system does the rest.
  • Efficient – after the initial backup, daily backups contain only the changes since the last backup. Thus, the data sent offsite is often so small that a standard ADSL line is usually all that is required. Backing up incremental data also ensures that the backup is more quickly executed (up to 98% faster than traditional tape methods).
  • Secure – all data transmitted and stored is in encrypted format so that no-one, apart from authorised users, can read them. The buildings where these data centres are located are highly secure.
  • Stress-free – backups run automatically in the background, freeing up your time to get on with other things, whilst you’re safe in the knowledge that your backup won’t fail.
  • Recovery anytime, anywhere – a file can be recovered in minutes simply by pointing and clicking. Data can be retrieved and restored to the original laptop, desktop, server or replacement machine anywhere in the world via web interface. Files can be downloaded, viewed or e-mailed.
M4 Systems are confident that they can offer you a failsafe system that will give you peace of mind and protect your lifeblood and most valuable asset – your business data.

Customer centre

"M4 has provided us with an excellent service from day one. The successful completion of a second, very high profile project has only increased their credibility within the business..."
Natasha Towns
Business Applications Manager,
Logicalis UK

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