Why M4 Flex SaaS ?

Recent viability (Spring 09) plus several years development

M4 has had many years of experience with virtualisation technologies such as VMWare and Hyper-V. We have provided and managed many dedicated servers within data centres for several of our customers such as: The London Stock Exchange, The Co-Op and Edmiston Yacht Brokers.
Our solution is based upon taking advantage of the benefits of virtualisation, it has only recently become technically viable and practical (Spring 09) following: the recent release by Intel of powerful efficient Xeon 5500 series Processors, the wide availability of Broadband, the reduction in Data Centre and Bandwidth costs, the maturation of Virtualisation technology and the availability of SPLA Software Licensing from Microsoft - a flexible subscription based model which licenses partners such as M4 to enable them to provide any software that Microsoft has built via a subscription service to our customers.

Economies of Scale

Our service enables our customers to benefit from economies of scale available as a result of large investments in IT infrastructure that have been made by M4, Microsoft and Host-IT. Such facilities would be extremely expensive and difficult, for all but the very largest (non - IT focused) organisations to replicate.
Our facility provides access to: a huge range of IT skills, very high performance hardware, unlimited telecoms bandwidth, secure data centre facilities, the latest software, the best packaged software, integration plumbing, customisation services and development services.

Rapid Deployment, Flexibility, Convenience

Customers may use this service in the manner which best suits them.
E.g. to supplement internal resource, to trial new solutions, for backup and disaster recovery purposes, for test and development purposes or for live operations.
Our Flex SaaS solution can easily plug into existing Microsoft based infrastructures enabling new applications such as Dynamics CRM to be much more rapidly deployed than would be typical 'on-premise'.
Microsoft is the world's largest R&D spender spending approx $8 Billion every building some amazing software - M4 Flex SaaS enables you to access such capability conveniently quickly reliably securely and surprisingly cheaply.

Cost Effective - Minimal Commitment

M4 Flex SaaS is very cost effective and is based upon a monthly subscription model with minimal upfront costs and minimal on-going commitments.
Capabilities, Software Products and Users can easily be added or subtracted at any time.

Best of Both Worlds

The traditional SaaS model was based on a 'multi-tenancy' rigid commodity type offering.
M4 Flex SaaS solution is much more flexible, it provides you with complete control of your data and can offer even more capability than typically available from an in-house based solution - yet it still also offers, all the benefits available from a tradional hosted solution.
i.e. with M4 Flex SaaS you get the best of both worlds.