Introduction to M4 Flex SaaS

SaaS - Software as a Service v On-Premise v M4 Flex SaaS

During the current economic climate (credit crunch induced recession 08-09) most companies are especially keen; to improve efficiencies, to improve customer service and to reduce costs. Many companies realise that recently released business software - such as Dynamics CRM and Sharepoint provide powerful capabilities which can help them to achieve these goals. However because of the uncertain economic outlook - there is a general reluctance to make large capital investments or to enter into long term financial commitments.
Software as a Service - SaaS has received considerable attention recently (some may say hype) mainly because this software delivery model, enables organisations to quickly and conveniently gain access to the capabilities of such modern software, without having to make a large capital investments or to take on long term commitments.
However traditionally implemented SaaS does have several associated aspects, which have caused considerable concern and thus prevented widespread adoption of this model.
Because traditionally implemented SaaS is based upon a multi-tenancy architecture, companies are naturally concerned that their critical sensitive data is held within the same server and within the same application instance as multiples (could be hundreds) of other organisations. Also because the application is shared in such a manner, the application must be configured in a generic manner to suit many different types of businesses - it is much more difficult to configure or customise in amore unique fashion to suit a particular industry or company (unless the SaaS solution is industry specific but this has other downsides). The other major negative with this architecture is control and access to data - it is difficult to move the data from a shared model to a dedicated model (such as tradional on-premise) this can therefore lead to the phenomenon sometimes dubbed "my data is stuck in the cloud".
M4 Flex SaaS is a new delivery model which combines the best of both worlds - without any of the downsides of tradional hosted SaaS or tradional on premise servers.
Recent IT developments, particularly virtualisation have enabled us to develop this new model, the following paragraphs explain in detail, how we have achieved this and the benefits this can bring to our customers.
M4 launched this new product (April 09) to enable all of our customers to benefit from this type of service - with predictable, consistent, reasonable, monthly costs. A Flexible service with low risk, low start-up costs plus minimal on-going commitments.