M4 Flex SaaS Benefits

Here are some of the benefits available within the M4 Flex SaaS model:

  • Predictable Costs - Monthly fixed easy to understand fee per server and user, fixed cost options for configuration and training services available.
  • Minimal upfront costs - avoid capital investments - significant tax advantages full write-off of costs when incurred
  • Minimal Commitments  - easy to reduce users or cancel or move - no small print auto renewal terms.
  • Rapid Deployment – Rapid Deployment of latest technology turn on applications in literally minutes, no need to worry about procuring servers, licenses, installing etc.
  • Support - Support includes: management of platform, monitoring for issues, unlimited end-user support
  • Flexibility - Easily add or subtract users or applications, quickly scale without worrying about hardware resource issues
  • Reduce Risk - Use for Testing and Development - Trial new applications with just a few users - use for testing developments prior to deploying on live systems
  • Customisation and Integrations - same as with local on-premise installations
  • Access and Control of Data - All applications run on dedicated servers only accessed by your organisation and our support staff (with your permission) data, applications, settings customisations report formats etc. can easily be moved to your own servers or to other facilities
  • Backup Archive and DR - Hot/Warm/Cold standby server option for peace of mind, reliable backup every 5 minutes, point in time recovery, archive to DVD, multiple locations
  • Mobility - secure easy access via Broadband or 3G enabled location, massive productivity benefits
  • Gain Competitive Advantage - access latest software versions benefit from huge Microsoft R&D, $8 Billion per annum
  • Easing the Burden –supplement internal resources overcome constraints such as hardware capacity or skills
  • Performance – We optimise and tune environments (running on very high performance Dell Servers) to best suit the applications - enabling blazing performance
  • Security - Hardware and Software ISA Server firewalls protects your data and enables secure access to trusted users only via SSL, VPN and Terminal Services