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Microsoft Dynamics for Professional Services Industry

Professional services companies require integrated information systems that will help them efficiently plan, track and manage projects or contracts. Dynamics GP is a project, resource and financial management automation system that helps you
  • Meet scheduled deadlines by giving a clear, comprehensive and accurate picture of project status
  • Track all aspects of a project – time spent, detail of activities, budgets, costs, billings
  • Automate scheduled billings based on pre-defined billing rules, whether billing is time, activity, item or fee based or whether for a completed contract or part-completion (percentage-based)
  • Instantly check, update and approve resources and transactions with web-based time/expense reporting
  • Generate cash basis or traditional accrual-basis financial statements
  • Become more flexible, by allowing you to configure set-up options, accounting rules and reporting options

By harnessing Project Accounting and Human Resource Management functions, Dynamics GP can make you more effective in managing your projects and your most important asset – people.

Dynamics GP can:

  • Improve employee productivity by streamlining routine project and budget tasks
  • Keep costs under control and on budget
  • Keep you informed about budget changes and revenues at any time in the project cycle
  • Give you better strategic control of resources, especially with the option of running "what if" scenarios
  • Recover fees / revenue accurately and more time-efficiently with automated invoicing processes
  • Tap into detailed employee information instantly, with on-demand drill-down information views and also simplify benefit administration.

The financial management capabilities of Dynamics GP give you a visibility of your financial situation that is up-to-date, consistent and sufficiently detailed to enable highly effective decision-making. For example, you can delve down into expense by line item and by business area. Financial reporting and business intelligence tools give your business the power to create, update, modify / customise and disseminate with flexible scheduling and delivery options all the reports your business could ever need.

Highlights of system capabilities relevant to Professional Services:

  • Flexible Chart of Accounts:
    • 10 segments, 66 alphanumeric characters
  • Analytical Accounting
    • Analyse transactions by unlimited number of dimensions, including non-financial data
  • Powerful budgeting and forecasting capability
  • Comprehensive Project Accounting
  • Remote Time and Expense entry via web-portal
  • Recurring Contract Billing
  • Service / Time Billing
  • Optional seamless integration to Project Server 2007 for resource management
  • Seamless integration with Dynamics CRM giving you a 360 degree view of your client and prospect database, track all correspondence (including e-mails), generate and monitor sales, service and marketing (campaign) activities, interrogate business performance and identify growth opportunities using SQL Server ‘out-of-the-box’ reports with comprehensive customisation tools.


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