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Microsoft Dynamics for Healthcare Industries


The Challenges

Typical priorities and challenges that your healthcare organisation may be facing include:

  • Extracting the most out of extremely stretched or downsized resources, exacerbated as costs steadily rise in a slowing down economy
  • Sustaining high standards of patient care and safety
  • Recruiting and retaining staff with the right skills and experience for the job
  • Meeting growing regulatory requirements
  • Coping with increased utilisation of services by an aging population

These challenges are not made any easier, given that many healthcare providers/service organisations are hampered by:

  • Paper-based data collection methods
  • Disconnected proprietary / legacy information systems which do not reflect real-time data and do not allow Web access to information
M4 Systems in partnership with Microsoft and Hicom Technology, can offer you integrated, connected software systems that move your organisation into the digital era of the twenty-first century and thus help you utilise resources more efficiently, manage relationships better, exercise better control over departmental budgets and make informed, collaborative decisions based on interconnected data which is up to date, easily accessible and easily shared.
The Microsoft Dynamics range of products, including GP and CRM, help weave together the management of finances, the supply chain, human resources and “customer” relationships, whether these customers are patients, providers, employers or donors.

Value-Enhanced Relationships

CRM in the healthcare sector is all about staying close and in tune with your customers, wherever and whoever these may be, in order to drive more focused service delivery and customer satisfaction.

Dynamics CRM can be tailored to instigate workflows and best practice processes to:

  • Increase patient satisfaction
  • Improve patient relationships
  • Co-ordinate the delivery of high quality care
  • Proactively manage chronically ill patients
  • Manage patient referrals
  • Manage recruitment of essential staff
  • Improve community relations; and
  • Identify, track and adjust performance across departments and business units
As an example, some early adopters in the healthcare sector are using CRM solutions to manage cases of patients with chronic illnesses, such as diabetes and heart disease. They use such systems to more closely and consistently engage with, and monitor the health of, their patients, such that these patients are educated to practise preventive care, are more motivated to stay healthy and thus become less of a drain on healthcare resources.
Patients in their turn get a chance to more freely interact with their healthcare provider, gain greater visibility of the value of the exchange and how they in fact can contribute to an improved service experience, in terms of appointment scheduling and service delivery.
The system is designed so that privacy and security of information are maintained and all regulatory compliance issues are addressed.

Manage Resources

The Dynamics GP ERP system makes it easier for you to:

  • Obtain financial information in many different formats
  • Generate industry-specific reporting and KPIs
  • Forecast and monitor budgets and funding
  • Submit and access critical data on suppliers, customers or other stakeholder types anytime, anywhere via Web portal technology
  • To work in a way that suits you, through familiar Microsoft interface, easily customisable screens and report layouts; and
  • Improve efficiency and control in the undertaking of everyday tasks via workflows and many automated processes, including review and approval cycles
All these facets will ultimately lead to lower costs, significantly greater productivity, improved regulatory compliance, enhanced service provision and consequently greater satisfaction amongst internal and external customers.

Get Connected

Bringing disparate data together into one seamless system (Dynamics GP and CRM can be seamlessly connected), means that data input and flow are more streamlined, data management is standardised, user access is better controlled, each and every function across the entire organisation is working from the same data set, information is consolidated so that reporting mandates are more effectively adhered to and operational errors typically associated with manual and laborious data entry and processing tasks are avoided.
Both Dynamics GP and CRM utilise Microsoft SQL Server and SharePoint technology to allow you to extract relevant, accurate data at the right time and to securely view, analyse and present this information in real-time from any location via an Internet connection.

Paperless End-to-End Patient Care Solution

Through close collaboration with another Microsoft partner, Hicom Technology, M4 Systems can offer its healthcare customers a paperless, end-to-end patient care and financial management solution which uses Dynamics GP as the back office system to drive down administrative costs and significantly improve efficiencies in patient care.
M4’s interface with Dynamics GP enables patient costing, expense and stock information to be managed in real-time, ensuring operational efficiency. Hicom’s technology provides Web-enabled access to patient data (via a secure network) and full integration with medical diagnostic and monitoring devices and third party software. Patient registration and booking management, appointment scheduling and resource allocation integrate with workflow facilities to ensure smooth and cost-effective execution of patient care across multi-disciplinary teams.

Other features include:

  • Image and data capture facilities
  • Specialist clinical modules, e.g. Diabetes, Ophthalmology, Sports injury
  • Comprehensive electronic patient record
  • Powerful audit and research reporting capabilities
  • Web-based, ..NET technologies for secure and simple deployment
  • Design that supports a paperless environment using Smartcard technologies
  • Scalable and modular with an ability to evolve to fulfil future clinical and business demands

The benefits to you are:

  • Reduced data input and manual error
  • Reduced paperwork
  • Improved customer satisfaction resulting from accelerated patient response times
  • Improved audit trail and compliance
  • Fantastic reporting capabilities to track and manage patient care, financial performance and provide direction for future patient care strategies


Microsoft Dynamics software is used by many companies around the world, including a fast-growing number of hospitals, clinics and long-term care facilities. Backed by award-winning Microsoft customer service, Dynamics GP and CRM are enabling healthcare providers improve their financial, business and client-facing processes, and ultimately deliver more cost-effective and better targeted healthcare.
M4 Systems in association with Microsoft and its strategic vertical partner, Hicom Technology, are able to offer our healthcare customers the understanding, experience and expertise to deliver a solution tailored to address your specific needs.

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