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Microsoft Dynamics Solutions for Distribution  

Dynamics GP has compressive out-of-the box distribution capability. Dynamics CRM has mobile order processing capability with seamless integration back into GP.

Distribution capabilities:

  • Powerful SOP with unlimited document types
  • Powerful inventory and warehouse management
  • Suggested PO generator
  • Landed Cost
  • BOM
  • User -defined workflow such as Pick, Test, Pack, Despatch, Deliver, etc
  • Internet Order Processing module
  • Mobile Order Entry
  • Field Service modules
  • Analysis cubes: analyse Sales and GP by multiple dimensions such as product category, region, salesperson, customer, etc.
Growing manufacturers and distributors face many challenges from both inside and outside their own supply chains. There is price and performance competition from competing supply chains as well as competition from within supply chains. For example, retailers can compete against manufacturers’ name brands with lower priced house private label brands. This in turn increases the number of substitute items to manage within a product category. Brand competition for market share in turn fuels discounts and short-term promotions which cause rapid fluctuations in demand and inventories.
Expanding companies compete on their abilities in handling these challenges. In order to survive and grow, distribution companies therefore need to have the flexibility to adapt – in a cost-effective way – their business processes to meet each customer’s needs and compliance requirements and to provide fulfilment with a service level and delivery performance that surpasses that of the competition.
Specific compliance requirements will range from order promise and capture, to shipping for each customer. However, major retailers often specify rules relating to how orders are captured (EDI), inventory and shipment visibility (ASN), and data synchronisation standards (GTIN). In addition, customer specific processes are common as each company can dictate as to how they want you to label, package and ship - often at a product and store level definition. It is not uncommon for a major retailer’s compliance manual to be over 10 cm thick with mandates that when not adhered result in costly charge-backs.

Why Dynamics GP?

Microsoft Dynamics GP delivers broad ERP functionality across the financial management, supply chain management and analytics categories as well as customer relationship management in combination with Microsoft Dynamics CRM. As an integrated finance and supply chain system, Microsoft Dynamics GP gives your distribution business the agility to stay competitive by greatly improving supply chain management, from order fill rates to order response time and compliance. Microsoft Dynamics GP will allow you to streamline your pick/pack/ship cycle with cradle-to-grave visibility and workflow processes that adapt quickly to changing schedules and requirements.

Customers of Dynamics GP are looking for a solution with a low total cost of ownership which:

  • Is designed to help their business grow by affordably adapting to changing customer requirements
  • Implements fast and efficient ways of sharing fulfilment information and improving supply chain visibility
  • Aids in executing compliant orders, efficient management of inventory and shipping requirements
  • Fosters vendor viability which is critical to large retail customers.
Apart from the core accounting layer (from General Ledger, Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, Order Entry and Purchasing) the Dynamics GP system can handle technologies like EDI, warehouse management, transportation management etc, so that you, as a distribution business, can really talk to all parties involved - your customers, suppliers, freight carriers and even, if relevant, outsourced manufacturing/warehousing agents.

How Dynamics GP Can Reduce Sleep Loss 

There are many issues which can keep distributors awake at night, such as what stock levels to carry, how to manage cash flow to pay for new stock, how to gain better visibility of inventory, how to make reliable demand predictions and how best to accommodate fluctuations in demand as well as how to make the order fulfilment process more efficient and transparent.
There are many tools within the Supply Chain Management series of Dynamics GP that can help you tackle these issues and are designed to help streamline and automate the supply chain process.

The following is a summary list of the functionality which Dynamics GP can provide:  

  • Advanced Distribution
  • Advanced Picking
  • Available to Promise for accurate order management
  • Blanket POs
  • Cradle-to-Grave Serial/Lot Tracking
  • Negative Price/Quantity in SOP (Sales Order Processing)
  • Serial/Lot Tracing
  • Multi-Bin
  • Landed Cost
  • Extended Pricing
  • Historical Stock Status Report

Advanced Picking

For maximising flexibility by tailoring inventory selection methods. Enables you to meet site-specific needs, minimise handling processes and costs, improve efficiency and customer service levels with consolidated picking lists, flexible item maintenance and sequenced picking.

Advanced Distribution

To control distribution while improving efficiency and profitability. Enables you to improve efficiency and accuracy for ordering processes (user-defined workflow, automatic back-order allocation and mass order to invoice transfer), increase access to key information (document search and update, enhanced inventory information and shelf life control), meet customer specific needs (customer part numbers, customer specific item substitution and customer specific picking instructions).

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