Microsoft Dynamics for Charity/Non for Profit Industries


Industry Challenges

As a non-profit or charity organisation executive you can be pulled in many different directions in a bid to support and fulfil your organisation’s mission.

Some of the challenges and hurdles you may have to grapple with could include:

  • Increased competition for attracting funding, exacerbated in the case of non-profit organisations by squeezed government budgets
  • Growing expectations to fill the gap for essential service delivery as government budgets are cut and services are withdrawn
  • Managing scarce administrative resources, particularly in the performance of very complex accounting and operational functions
  • Lack of timely information on budget-to-actual performance at programme, project and/or case level, leading to an inability to make critical decisions in real-time
  • Coping with out of date or non-integrated systems, which are not only prone to operational errors and inaccuracies, but are also not able to support new processes
  • Expensive to maintain legacy applications which lack ERP capabilities to handle point-of-sale, inventory, commodity, and light manufacturing or distribution capabilities and are deficient in Web portal technology to accommodate flexible, modern methods of working
  • Increased scrutiny by regulatory and external audit bodies and the corresponding need for greater accountability
This list is by no means exhaustive.
We at M4 Systems, in partnership with Microsoft, can offer you a helping hand to guide you out of this problem maze. We can help you define and streamline processes and assist in the implementation of systems that will reduce overheads, improve data visibility, propagate more finely-tuned decision-making and improve collaboration and communication with key constituents.

Rising to the Challenge

Microsoft has invested heavily in business systems, which means that you don’t now have to compromise on inefficient, paper-based methods for data collection, manipulation and collaboration.
Microsoft in conjunction with its partners, such as M4 Systems, have undertaken extensive research to fully understand the needs of its different target markets, including the not for profit and charity sector.
M4 Systems specialises in delivering and supporting systems using Dynamics GP, Dynamics CRM and SharePoint technology to provide an integrated, end-to-end, paperless solution that will help you:
  • Track and link programme, project and case management, including grant applications and awards, to the financial system
  • Provide accurate budget-to-actual expenditures in real-time
  • Automate integration to payables and receivables functions
  • Generate timely reimbursement and fee-for-service invoices to improve cash management
  • Integrate documents and workflow processes to improve accountabilities and adherence to recording protocols
  • Link field systems to billing systems
  • Provide proactive, electronic alerts of potential budget exceptions and expense approval requests
  • Improve confidence in integrity of data
  • Standardise reporting and move, if appropriate, to more flexible, cross-fiscal period reporting and processing
  • Have “best-of-breed” in terms of ERP capabilities
  • Implement new standards and working methods, such as eProcurement and eCommerce
  • Empower field personnel and external constituents to enter and retrieve critical information using Web portals
  • Empower your workforce to work more productively by automating many routine tasks and with a system that looks like and works with familiar Microsoft software, thus shortening the learning curve and reducing total cost of ownership
  • Decrease the reliance on paper-based approval and communication systems, resulting in increased staff productivity and improved “customer” (constituent) service
  • Access technology which is stable, offers integration capabilities and is founded on an adaptable platform that can cater to current and future needs
By implementing such a solution, your time will be freed to focus on your mission, rather than on the reliability and usability of your systems


We have worked with customers in the not-for-profit and charity arena for over ten years. Many customers started out with a basic financial system, but have since extended their capabilities to include eProcurement, document management, CRM and special enhancements. In terms of the latter, we have configured the standard stock module in Microsoft Dynamics GP to automate the process of authorising and fulfilling orders for uniforms for fire-fighting teams at Fire & Rescue Services. This is just one example of how we can customise a solution to adapt to a particular business need.