Microsoft Dynamics GP Capabilities Guide 2015.pdf

Microsoft Dynamics GP Manufacturing Features


  • Track detailed production costs and manage work orders (Manufacturing Order Processing)
  • Instantly capture and consolidate all costs in one location (Job Costing)
  • Precision-adjust procurement and production schedules to ensure supplies arrive when and where they are needed (Materials Requirement Planning - MRP)
  • Collect, organise and review changes to orders before authorisation and adjust processes and components to accommodate new technologies and customer changes (Engineering Change Management)
  • Provide complete, consistent and current product information and precisely manage materials, components and assemblies (Manufacturing Bill of Materials)
  • Promote efficient product delivery with collaborative information and communication (Sales Forecasting – now featuring new sorting capabilities, lookup boxes, reporting dates, and tool tips)
  • Ensure product consistently meets and exceeds customer requirements with efficient quality-testing processes (Quality Assurance)
  • Define which items to manufacture and include or exclude certain options based on customer specifications (Sales Configurator)
  • Measure and identify capacity, and make comparisons between production capacity and work completion goals (Capacity Requirements Planning)


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