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Top New Features in Financials

Feature 1: Reverse GL End Close Process

  • Ability to reverse the GL Year End Close process
  • Will open the previously closed fiscal year
  • Will warn users to create backups and verify all users out of GP prior to process



Feature 2: Integration of Multicurrency revaluation with Analytical Accounting

  • Multicurrency revaluation can now be linked with Analytical Accounting (AA)
  • AA codes on the original transaction can now be updated per the revaluation process

This feature further integrates Analytical Accounting with Financials. Prior to this functionality, the revaluation process would not update corresponding AA entries. Now the AA amounts can be updated in conjunction with the standard revaluation process.


Feature 3: Copy and Paste to General Ledger

  • Ability to paste from Excel to the General Ledger
  • Dynamics GP will validate the data that is being pasted into the Transaction Entry

Feature 4: Reprint outstanding transactions report from Bank Reconciliation

  • Reprint Outstanding Transactions Report
  • Print posting report after posting

In the Bank Posting Reports, you will be able to print the Outstanding Transactions report that printed when you reconciled your checkbook if you keep history. Now, you can access the same information at any time.

Feature 5: Default Sort Order for Payables Checks

  • Sort Checks by option will be found in the Payables Management setup
  • Sort options: Payment Number, Name, State-City or Zip Code
  • Time-saving feature


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