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Top New Features in Distribution

Feature 1: Sales script for each item

  • Analyse option to suggest quantities
  • New fields: Price, Qty. Available, Site ID

Analyse and suggest items based on historical data, create a sales script for the customer service reps to use when looking at the suggested items in Sales Transaction Entry. Give the CSR additional information to help provide a higher quality customer experience.

Feature 2: Assign Item to multiple Sites

  • Assign an Item to multiple Sites
  • Available from Site Maintenance

In Site Maintenance, there is a new window called Site Item Assignments. Here you can select an item and view which sites the item is assigned to and mass assign or unassign the item from multiple sites.

Feature 3: Payables Prepayment Additions

  • Integrate with Analytical Accounting, Muti-Dimensional Analysis, Cash Flow Management and Project Accounting
  • Show PO Number in Check Inquiry

With Dynamics GP 2013, you can turn on Prepayments even when integrated with AA, MDA or Project Accounting.

Now prepayments are fully integrated in the system and with the addition of the PO Number display in Payables Payments Zoom, you can see and zoom to the PO number that the prepayment is linked to.



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