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The EASY suite of document scanning and management software embraces automatic capturing and indexing of incoming documents, supporting workflow processes and revision-proof storage of incoming and outgoing documents.
Documents (whether invoices, orders or any other type of document) are linked to the relevant business transaction within the Dynamics system environment and can be searched, retrieved and subsequently analysed according to the user’s access privileges.
The whole area of eInvoicing - invoice scanning, storage and management - is one of the most widespread applications of document management worldwide. EASY ENTERPRISE™ - part of the EASY suite - integrates easily to a wide range of accounting and ERP systems, including Dynamics GP. Invoices are scanned and stored electronically and automated through their approval process by the EASY Workflow system. Without leaving their desk, administration and accounts personnel can process, track and locate invoices in seconds, so there is no risk of paper loss or misfiling. Many benefits are quickly realised, such as greatly improved efficiency, productivity and reporting as well as reduced reliance on labour-intensive, paper-based processes which can be prone to error and for which it may be difficult to provide an audit trail.​
Read our South East Water Case Study regarding their integration of EASY ENTERPRISE with Dynamics GP to facilitate invoice capture and processing.

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