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Payables/Receivables Management

Payables Management | Receivables Management

Payables Management

  • Vendor’s Credit Card Invoice automatically voided when credit card payment voided – when a credit card payment is made in the application the system will automatically create an open invoice for the Credit Card Vendor that is assigned to the credit card. With GP 2013, once the customer voids a credit payment; the application will automatically void the outstanding credit card vendor’s invoice that is associated with the credit card payment.
    If the Credit Card Vendor’s invoice has already been paid, the application will display a warning messaging stating the credit card vendor invoice will not be voided.

    Payables transaction Inquiry - Vendor
    Payables transaction Inquiry - Vendor

  • EFT Length and Delimitation Options – A new option to allow formats with variable-length fields that are delimited by a defined character, such as a comma. The new fields allowing this setup are added to the EFT File Format Maintenance window.

    EFT Format Enhancements
    EFT Format Enhancements

  • Un-apply Credit Documents when Voiding a Check – Dynamics GP 2013 will automatically un-apply a credit document from an invoice after a customer voids a payment that was associated with the same invoice.
    This provides the customer with options in regards to their documents. The customer will have ability to void the invoice without having to void credit documents. They can apply the credit documents to the other documents (or the same document if they want to).

    Un-apply Credit documents - Payables transaction inquiry – Vendor
    Un-apply Credit documents - Payables transaction inquiry – Vendor

    Un-apply Credit documents - Vendor historical payables transactions
    Un-apply Credit documents - Vendor historical payables transactions

  • Settlement Date added for EFT payment - A new field added for the EFT settlement date. Many formats require a settlement date that may be different from the transmission date. The field has been added in the EFT File Format Maintenance window, and can be defined for each file in the Generate EFT Files window.

  • Edit Payables Transactions

    • Remit to Address

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Receivables Management

  • Multi-Currency apply in Cash Entry - user can now apply multicurrency cash receipt against invoice as they are entered.

    This will speed up data entry time and reduce the number of steps user currently takes to apply invoices and payments.

    Multi-Currency apply in Cash Entry
    Multi-Currency apply in Cash Entry

  • Ability to rename the User Defined fields on the Customer Address

  • Ability to Email RM Statements using Word Templates

  • Ability to save the default sort order for Customer (and Vendor) Lookups

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