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Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 - New Features

Foundation Enhancements | Email Enhancements | Human Resources

Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 is scheduled to be released in December 2012.

Foundation Enhancements

  • Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 Deployment Options - Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 is available in a range of deployment options which include on-premise, hosted or in the cloud – you decide which option best suits you and your business.

  • Multiple Browser Functionality - Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 is compatible across multiple browsers including Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome and even Safari, giving businesses and users more control of how they access the system.

  • Home Page Changes – Basic Metrics are replaced with Business Analyser. This new and improved web based dashboard enables users to specify and display their favourite reports and KPI’s on their Home page. Other fields, such as Connect, To Do list, Quick links and My Reports remain on the Home page. Fields can be customised and placed anywhere on the Home page using drag and drop functionality.

    GP 2013 Home page
    GP 2013 Home page

    Microsoft GP Financials Dashboard
    Business Analyser dashboard

  • Web Access - Finally – it’s time to turn your mobile devices ON for business! Provide all of your team members with easy access to Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 with the new web client, so they can connect and contribute wherever they are, from their desktop PC, laptop, tablet or mobile device.

    Microsoft Dynamics GP Web Client:

    Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 Web Client Window
    Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 Web Client Window

    • Browser based Dynamics GP

    • Functions the same as Desktop client

      - Look and feel is largely the same

      -Certain modules limited initially

    • Secure

      - Windows Authentication used

      - Secure Sockets Layer (https)

      Web client components
      Web client components

    Web management console:

    • Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 Web Client Window

    • Manage from anywhere

    • Snap-In model

    • Two MS provided Snap-Ins

      - Session Manager

      -Tenant Manager

    • Custom Snap-Ins possible

      - Simple Storage model

      - API’s for UI

    Web Client - Phased Release Cycles:

    Web Client will be released in phases, addressing each core application functionality. The release cycle is as follows:

    Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 Web Client - Phased Release Cycles
    Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 Web Client - Phased Release Cycles

    If you are currently using HR/Payroll, Project Series, Field Service, and/or Manufacturing, keep in mind that you will be able to upgrade to GP 2013 without any issues and continue to use this functionality with the standard (Dexterity) client.

    However, those modules will be enabled gradually at the web client level as soon as testing and some quirks are ironed out with these dictionaries - the quirks are more related to menu display issues and some user interface and code cleanup that will render these dictionaries compatible with the web client.

    As a sidebar, dictionary code cleanup makes the packages of data flowing between the Silverlight client and the Session Service very efficient performance wise.

  • Greater insight – users will be able now to drill down to the level of detail required with new and improved Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services and Microsoft Excel reports.

  • Select printer at the time of printing:

    • In Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 users have the flexibility to select the printer they want to print to at the time of printing. Users can now select a printer for their balance sheet, select another printer for printing checks and another for printing invoices.

      Select printer
      Select printer

    • Users will be able to print a historical depreciation report in fixed assets. Newest version can now print SRS based reports from any record such as a customer, vendor or item by simply clicking on the printer icon at the top of the screen.

  • Document Attach, which replaces the current OLE attachments which were limited to one document and based on older technologies – users will be able to attach multiple documents to a record and they will be stored in the Microsoft SQL database.

  • SSRS Reports on Forms - Ability to print SSRS Reports from forms, directly from a window in Microsoft Dynamics GP. This has been made available on a range of windows across General Ledger, Receivables Management, Sales Order Processing, Payables Management, Inventory Management, Human Resources and Payroll.
    Users can choose to print an SSRS report assigned to the GP window and the report will be produced using the information retrieved from the window.

    Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 will ship with a range of reports across the modules, but additional custom SSRS reports can be added as required by the end user.

    SSRS Reports on Forms
    SSRS Reports on Forms

  • Ship to Address - This feature allows for a separate Address Name for each Address ID for either Sales or Purchase Orders allowing the shipper to provide clarification of the receiving party.
    The Contact will print with the Address Name on documents along with a Phone number if selected. The functionality goes further with new default combine options allowing GP to combine different ship-to addresses on one purchase order and allow the combining of different ship-to addresses from different sales orders into one purchase order.
    Both the standard reports and Word Form reports have been updated allowing the user to easily make use of this new shipping information.

    Customer address maintenance
    Customer address maintenance

  • Excel export using open XML

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Email Enhancements

  • 64-Bit Outlook Supported – users will now have the ability to use 64-bit Microsoft Office when utilising the email functionality within Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013.
    In previous versions, a user would need to install the 32-bit version of Microsoft Office in order to use the email functionality.
    Users will now see an option in the Systems Preferences that allows them to indicate Microsoft Exchange as their Email Server type. Using Microsoft Exchange will allow the end-user to send emails from Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 using 64-bit Microsoft Office.

    System preferences
    System preferences

  • Email Indicators on Navigation Lists – Users will now have a simple way to quickly see if a record has been emailed from the application. An icon will now appear in the corresponding navigation list that will present a visual indication for the records that have been successfully emailed.

    Email indicator
    Email indicator

  • Password Protection on word documents – users will now have the ability to email their word documents with password protection. This will ensure the recipient of the document will not be able to edit the document to make changes without entering a password.
    The password can either be automatically created by the system or the end-user can assign their own. The user can also choose not to assign password protection to their emailed word documentation.

    Password protection
    Password protection

  • Ability to use Word templates for RM Statements

  • Ability to Email additional Word templates for SOP - 7 New predefined Word templates for Sales Order Processing.

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Human Resources

  • Life Insurance Enhancements – Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 now supports an “End of Year” method for calculation life insurance premiums determined by age based tables. End of the year will set record age to the age which employee will be at the end of the current calendar year. This age will be used to determine premium accounts.

    Year End Age Life Insurance – Life Insurance Setup
    Year End Age Life Insurance – Life Insurance Setup

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  • General Ledger New Features

  • Receivables Management New Features

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  • Bank Rec New Features

  • Fixed Assets New Features

  • Sales Order Processing New Features

  • Purchase Order Processing New Features

  • Inventory New Features

  • Manufacturing New Features

  • Field Service New Features

  • Human Resources and Payroll New Features

  • System Wide New Features

  • Web Client Overview

  • Web Client Components

  • Web Client Network Deployment Planning

  • Web Client Development

  • Web Client Session Host

  • Web Client Troubleshooting

  • Web Client Certificates

  • Web Client Deployment Scenarios

  • Web Client Installation

  • Web Client Runtime Service


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