Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 H2 Release Announced

Plans for updating Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 in Q4 of this calendar year with enhancements to both the core software and to Business Analyzer, Windows 8 companion app, are on the way!

The software updates in this release will be delivered through Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 SP2 via PartnerSource. The Business Analyzer update will be delivered for download through the Windows Store.

Here’s a quick preview of some of the enhancements that will be included in Q4 update:

  • Web Client releases for the Project Series, Manufacturing Series, and Field Service Series.
  • ISV Extensibility for WC – Enables customers and ISVs that build forms and controls in Visual Studio to make that functionality available in the web client.
  • Doc Attach – additional functionality that enables attached documents on cards to roll down to transactions while also adding the ability to include attached documents in Emails.
  • Smartlists - enables users to hide the navigation tree giving them a full screen of data.
  • Functional features – including Default Sort Order AP Checks and the ability to Assign Items to All Sites and more.

For Business Analyzer:

  • Re-writing the app into HTML5 & JavaScript
  • Support connections through the Azure Service bus
  • Support for Management Reporter Reports
  • Ability to pin reports to the Windows 8 Start Screen
  • Windows 8 Phone App