Microsoft Development Tools

One of the most important factors underpinning Microsoft's success has always been their fostering of the development community.

Why is Microsoft by far the most successful development tools vendor?

Microsoft has consistently been successful in achieving critical mass and momentum behind its tools due to a combination of:

  • Powerful capability
  • Ease of use
  • Value for money MSDN subscriptions
  • Excellent education resources
  • Comprehensive support
  • Huge partner ecosystem
  • Incorporation of latest standards
So with each category and generation Microsoft has been by far the most successful tools vendor, including Visual Basic, Visual C++, ASP, and now C# (Visual Studio .Net). The latter is more successful than Java as a tool for generating the latest generation of applications.

This brings huge benefits to the end users, including:

  • Development resources easy to obtain at reasonable cost
  • Huge availability of functionality
  • Integration between components developed by different developer is much easier if developed with the same toolset.
  • Huge community - using tools drives adoption of standards such as COM+, ADO.Net, Web Services, etc
  • Custom unique capability can be added to applications such as Dynamics quickly, cheaply and easily

Dynamics Development

Both Dynamics ERP and Dynamics CRM take full advantage of the Microsoft technology stack and are compliant with latest integration standards, such as Web Services. The software can be extended and enhanced using Microsoft's most powerful development toolset: Visual Studio .Net.