Upgrade Testimonials

"The upgrade to Dynamics GP Version 10.0 from version 6.0 has made it possible for us to do our own accounts and have more control and access to reports and the system setup. We particularly appreciate the link in GP 10.0 to FRx within the Dynamics Financial Screen. Overcoming challenging circumstances, the upgrade fully met with our expectations and we were very satisfied with the upgrade service provided by M4 Systems, both in terms of quality and timeliness of delivery."
Sandra Holland
Financial / Management Accountant
Quartz Publishing & Exhibitions Ltd
"When we chose M4 Systems as our new partner in August 2008, we were fully motivated to upgrade from Version 8.0 to Version 10.0 of Dynamics GP. We were very satisfied with the upgrade experience and with the quality and timeliness of consultancy, training and support received from M4. We found staff to be knowledgeable, professional and responsive to our needs. Although we have yet to fully realise the benefits of Version 10.0, we find that the new SmartList Builder allows us to export data and create Excel reports far more quickly than using SmartLists and that the Account Enquiry screen can be exported to Excel, which again cuts down the use of SmartLists. We are also expecting to make significant improvements to the budgeting and planning process with the implementation of FRx Forecaster – one of the reasons why we transitioned from Modules Based Licensing to Business Ready Licensing prior to the upgrade."
Anton Ganesan
Management Accountant
Royal College of Paediatrics & Child Health
"In upgrading to GP 10.0 it was our wish to move to a system that offered integration with SharePoint 2007 and Outlook 2007; the attraction of workflows to streamline our processes; and the desire to keep our system up to date. We were very satisfied with the upgrade experience, in particular with the high standard of pre-upgrade consultation, upgrade consultancy and post-upgrade support we received. The upgrade met with our expectations and we are about to complete Phase II of the project so that we can secure the sought-after efficiency improvements triggered by the workflow capability of Dynamics GP 10.0 in combination with SharePoint 2007. M4 Systems – keep up your current levels of service – it is excellent!"
Alison Harrison
Finance Manager
The Mayflower Theatre