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Dashboards & Reporting

Microsoft Dynamics CRM provides a fast and easy way to view and communicate your business data in a visual format, incorporating charts, graphs and lists.


  • Real-time dashboard capabilities - Businesses can rapidly configure multiple real-time dashboards to actively monitor business performance and improve decision-making.


  • Pre-defined dashboards are provided out of the box:

CRM 2011 dasboards
  • Custom dashboards can be created using existing dashboard layouts as an initial outline. The layout can then be resized or re-arranged and components added from the following resources:
    • Resources available:
      • Chart
      • List
      • Web Resource, which can consist of:
        • Web Page (HTML)
        • Style Sheet (CSS)
        • Script (JScript)
        • Data (XML)
        • Images (JPG, PNG, GIF, ICO)
        • Silverlight (XAP)
        • Style Sheet (XSL)
        • iFrame
  • Dashboards can be refreshed and updated providing real-time data at any time.
  • Drill down capability -  to see the data that’s driving each of the components by individual records; filter with View By and Chart Type options.
  • Custom dashboards can be assigned and security permissions set to users and teams.
  • I-Frames can be added to dashboards providing a window to other Portals or internal/external websites.
  • Use the advanced tools in Dashboard customisation to incorporate custom SSRS reports to display data from other systems or data sources.
CRM 2011 dashboards creation


New reporting capabilities in Dynamics CRM 2011:

  • Reporting in Dynamics CRM 2011 leverages all of the capabilities existing in SQL Server Reporting Services. Reports can be easily created for Sales Pipeline analysis, Capmaign response, performance reporting and KPI's based on data such as Percentage achieved against goals.
  • Reporting options with CRM 2011 Include:
    • Creating reports using the step by step Report Wizard in CRM, OR
    • Create Custom Reports using the Fetch XML queries as the report data source. Fetch based reports can be created and run in Online and On-premise environment.
    • Many out of the box sales reports in CRM 2011 for detailed data analyses​
CRM 2011 Report

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CRM2011 Dashboards
CRM2011 Dashboards


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