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Processes: Workflows and Dialogs

In Microsoft Dynamics CRM a process can be defined as either a Workflow or a Dialog. A workflow is a sequence of steps which can be used to automate business processes. A Dialog is an interactive form which can be launched from any record to facilitate information gathering, record creation, adhering to a script or it can be used to guide user through complex forms. Dialogs can serve up custom forms (e.g. Telesales scripts, service resolution questions, product configuration questions or telephone surveys). Dialogs interact with workflows so that a dialog can trigger a workflow which in turn updates records in CRM or creates another follow up activity as required.


Workflow is an automated (asynchronous) process running in the background, without any user interaction:

  • Workflows can be triggered automatically by an event, or run on demand by a user
  • They are asynchronous (i.e., they run in the background)
  • Once running, a workflow never requires any user intervention to complete
  • Workflows cannot prompt a user for input
  • Improve productivity with personal, team, or organisational workflows to match your business process
  • Use workflows, for example, to set alerts and reminders of campaign milestones to your marketing team


crm 2011 workflow


A Dialog is an interactive (synchronous) process with the following characteristics:

  • Dialogs must always be started by a user, and cannot be triggered by an event
  • Dialogs are synchronous
  • Dialogs introduce a "front end" user interface and always require a user to provide some input to run the dialog through to completion
  • "Pages", "Prompts" and "Responses" are unique to dialogs.
    • Each Dialog contains set of one or more wizard-like pages;
    • Pages have one or more "Prompts" - questions and "Responses" – answers.
crm 2011 process webpage dialog
  • Using dialogs assists users in qualifying leads or opportunities
  • Dialogs can be utilized in various ways i.e. Call Scripting, Approval Processes or User Feedback Processes
  • Use dialogs to improve and streamline your sales process and interaction with customers:
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