With hosted CRM you have access to the same capabilities (sales, marketing, customer service, workflows, customisations, business reporting) as with the on-premise version.  The argument hitherto against hosted has been lack of customisation or integration ability as well as the issue of data control, but with our FlexSaaS delivery model, these problems are overcome. Our FlexSaas model combines the best of both worlds – on premise and traditional SaaS. 
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Microsoft Dynamics CRM hosted solution is built on the exact same code base  the on-premise Microsoft CRM, providing a choice of user interface, on-line or off-line usage, and flexible solutions and deployment.
We provide you with user access to our software services via a Subscriber Access License (SAL) on the SPLA (Service Provider License Agreement) licensing program. When using the SAL, there is no need for a separate server license, plus you always get access to the latest version of the software.
In the SAL model, a SAL is required for each unique named individual who is authorised to use the Microsoft Dynamics CRM software in any given month. The benefit to you of the Per Subscriber model is that you can use any device to access instances of the server software.