Customer Relationship Management applications, such as Microsoft Dynamics CRM, can make a dramatic impact on your business in terms of generating increased levels of sales, triggering huge customer service efficiencies and boosting overall profitability.
However, if you are a small business or even a medium-sized business that is struggling with cash flow in today’s challenging business climate, it is sometimes difficult to justify the upfront investment in CRM applications. Another reason for going down the hosted route is that you may simply lack the available in-house technical resources to support such a system (in terms of dealing with hardware installation, software maintenance and security issues). For such organisations, deploying CRM as a hosted service represents a cost-effective and practical alternative.
In summary, therefore, the main benefits of hosted CRM are predictability and manageability of cost, lower risk (included in our fee we put in a resilient infrastructure to guarantee system performance and reliability), greater convenience and speed of deployment, enabling you to accelerate your path to implementing customer acquisition and retention strategies and focus your efforts on these areas rather than on IT infrastructure and maintenance.
Moreover, unlike many other partners (Microsoft and other competitive system providers), who offer hosted CRM, our FlexSaaS model gives even greater benefits over traditional SaaS delivery models, such as more configuration and customisation possibilities, ease of integration with other systems, better access and control of data and speed and convenience of up-scaling or even downscaling the application as conditions dictate - in terms of number of users or functionality.
For more information on our FlexSaaS model, please visit the following FlexSaaS page.