Device Management

Let Students Choose, Without Compromising.

About Device Management

Students want access to applications from anywhere, on whatever device they choose—laptop, smartphone, tablet, or PC. IT departments are challenged to provide consistent, rich experiences across all these device types, with access to native, web, and remote applications or desktops. IT is trying to enable people to choose their devices, but must also reduce costs and complexity as well as maintain security and compliance by protecting data and having comprehensive settings management across platforms. Microsoft’s user and device management solution addresses user and IT needs by unifying desktop and mobile device management (MDM) into a single infrastructure, and provides protection and access for cloud- and corporate-connected devices in a single infrastructure.


  • Provide consistent access to resources, regardless of device or location
  • Extend Configuration Manager infrastructure with Windows Intune to support cloud management of mobile devices, enabling publication of apps and services across device types
  • Deploy native applications, web links, or RemoteApps dynamically based on device type

Apply policies across various devices and platforms to meet compliance and security requirements