Key improvements in Dynamics CRM 2015 Sales

Guided Sales Processes

This release further improves the business process flows introduced in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 by introducing the branching capability to allow organisations to implement complex business processes.

The branch selection is done automatically, in real-time based upon rules defined during the process definition. For example, in selling products or services, you can configure a single business process flow, which after a common qualification stage splits into two branches – one specific to products and the other for services.

Microsoft CRM 2015 

Product Families

Improvements to the product selling experience help sales operations managers and salespeople manage and sell their company’s products more effectively.

Sales operations managers can easily configure product offerings that bundle related products together and provide tailored pricelists giving sellers the ability to position the best products at the best price.

Salespeople can see suggestions for cross-selling and up-selling, and get recommendations for accessories or substitutes right on the opportunity form while they are working their deal.

Microsoft CRM 2015 


Sales Hierarchies

Manage and report on your sales data in a way that maps to your business. New hierarchical visualizations and roll-ups bring real-time territory and forecasting data to your fingertips. Visually explore and transverse hierarchies with key information displayed on tiles, launch actions or communications from any node, and query filter records using the under operator.

With this release, users can see how info is related or grouped by viewing accounts, products, or users in hierarchical charts. You can click a block of info to get more details and navigate to the info you’re interested in.

For example, from the hierarchical view for accounts, you can: 

  • See how an account is doing in overall revenue
  • Drill into tiles for sub-accounts to see where the deals are coming from
  • Find out who is working an account and enlist help from others by sending email or sharing the account with other salespeople
  • View important details about each account, such as credit limit and latest activity posts for the account. Hierarchical views are also available on mobile. 

CRM for tablets enhancements

CRM for tablets has been enhanced to increase sales productivity with flexible, role tailored dashboards and analytics, personalised home pages and the ability to navigate by hierarchy, as well as improved support for disconnected scenarios.

A new personalised home experience allows mobile employees to pin key records and surface analytics from any tablet enabled dashboard in CRM and to easily access and analyse their key data on the go.

Connectivity is not always available while traveling. With offline drafts new records can be created and changes are synchronized once reconnected.

Microsoft CRM 2015 


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