CRM 2015 Update

Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015 and Microsoft Dynamics Marketing 2015 Update

Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015 saw enhancments to sales, marketing and customer service functionality, along with new features to facilitate marketing and sales team collaboration.

Products updated

  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM online and on-premises versions
  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM for Outlook
  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM for tablets
  • Microsoft Dynamics Marketing

New features

Just a few of the highlights: 

  • Create product families: Boost selling effectiveness with the ability to bundle products and recommend related products for cross-selling/up-selling opportunities
  • Sales hierarchies: Manage and report on your sales data in a way that maps to your business. New hierarchical visualisations and roll-ups bring real-time territory and forecasting data to your fingertips.
  • Mobile sales improvements: Increase field sales productivity with flexible, role tailored dashboards and analytics, personalised home pages and the ability to navigate by hierarchy. This version of the tablet app also includes improved support for disconnected scenarios.
  • Enhanced sales processes: Guide sellers toward desired outcomes with enhanced branching logic within your sales processes. Increase impact via automation of business processes and enforcement of business rules across all devices.
  • Expanded case management functionality: Enable agents to provide differentiated levels of support with flexible Service Level Agreements (SLAs). Gain insight into service effectiveness with the ability to track and analyse key metrics like SLAs and thresholds.
  • Improvements in CRM for Outlook: With the 2015 version of CRM for Outlook, users can sync assigned tasks and appointment attachments. Admins can control synchronisation between pairs of fields, which provides confidence about where data is coming from and how it's shared.
  • Customisable help: Personalise user assistance by tailoring the in-product Help content to match the specifics of your Dynamics CRM implementation. You can modify what displays under the Help question-mark icon at either an entity-specific or organization-wide level. 

How to get the updates

Microsoft Dynamics CRM:

  • Updates for online customers: You'll be able to schedule the specific date when your update occurs. We call this a customer-driven update since you “drive” the timing of the update to be the most suitable for your organization.
  • Updates for on-premises customers: Customers who are currently on a Microsoft Software Assurance Plan or Business Ready Enhancement Plan will be able to get updates after the final product release.

 Microsoft Dynamics Marketing:

  • The listed administrator within your organisation will be notified via email as to the specific timing of the update to the next version. Microsoft will send several reminder communications as the scheduled update approaches.
  • Should this scheduled date not be suitable for your organisation, you will have an opportunity to reschedule the date via a service request.
  • Keep looking for emails with more specific instructions for updating Microsoft Dynamics Marketing as we get closer to the release date. 

How to prepare for updates

Test the updates in a Dynamics CRM sandbox environment.  We always advise that you preview and test new versions of Dynamics CRM in a non-production environment before you update your live production instances. This will give you the opportunity to verify the compatibility of any customisations that you may have made, or any third-party customisations that are installed.

Additionally, testing will also allow you to assess the impact of the upcoming changes on your organisation and your users.  

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