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How Microsoft Dynamics CRM Will Use MarketingPilot, Netbreeze, and Yammer to Support the New Customer

Customer buying cycles are radically changing, and CRM software has to evolve to keep up with customer buying trends, which is changing the role of marketing, and now Microsoft Dynamics CRM plans to embrace these changes with the acquisition of MarketingPilot, NetBreeze, and Yammer.

Whether it is B2B or B2C, customer buying cycles are changing. It used to be that CRM systems were set up to enable the salesperson, who had face to face interactions with the customer. That is still important as a core of a sales process.

But customers today have more choice, they have more power. Organizations are having to change in order to meet the needs and choices of customers and be able to interact with them when and where the customer wants. So that is where the part of social marketing takes its place.

The Role of Marketing is changing.

Marketing does not just mean being in charge of the website. It is about social, it is about video, it is about turning customers into future advocates for the business and the tool for nurturing old and create new relationships. That is where the CRM system plays a role. CRM is the tool that going to allow you to track those relationships at any given point along the continuum.

Microsoft looked into the role of new marketer and the new customer engagement model and there were a couple of key areas in which they needed to make investments. Those investments were the acquisition of three products to enhance Microsoft Dynamics CRM – MarketingPilot, NetBreeze, and Yammer.

What Is MarketingPilot?

MarketingPilot is a marketing automation system positioned for the mid-market and up.

According to Microsoft, MarketingPilot provides integrated marketing management solutions which allow organizations to better understand their customers, manage and streamline marketing operations, and create automated and measurable multi-channel marketing campaigns.


MarketingPilot, it is centered on helping improve the marketers’ ability to better interact with customers and measure data in a way that they actually know which things that they are doing are working and which things are not. There is tremendous pressure to help grow top line revenue while also managing costs. So not only does MarketingPilot allow you to do a better job of executing marketing campaigns and customer engagements, but it also streamlines your internal processes, manages budgets, and makes you more efficient.

Microsoft completed the acquisition in October 2012 and has not announced pricing and changes to licensing. They did announce at Convergence 2013 that they have made the first new release since the acquisition. Version 15 is an online service available in the United States, purchased as a stand-alone offering. It features a simplified user experience, has a familiar look and feel, and seamlessly works with Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

What Is Netbreeze?

Netbreeze is a tool for social listening, monitoring, and analysis. Netbreeze delivers cutting-edge native language analytics combined with data mining and transactional and text analysis capabilities.

In this world of the new customer you need to know what customers are saying, what they are thinking. You need to be able to quickly respond to things, both positive and negative. Netbreeze basically gives us the ability to do that and be able to act on it. A strength of Netbreeze, compared to other similar vendors, that was mentioned several times at Convergence 2013 is their global approach in terms of languages.

Ability to quickly respond to actions within CRM

Netbreeze technology is unique in the way it combines modern methods from Natural Language Processing (NLP), data mining, and semantic text analysis to support 28 different writing systems including German, English, French, Spanish, Russian, Arabic, Japanese, Traditional Chinese, or Mandarin. This is a huge benefit over competing solutions which translate to a common language then analyze sentiment from there. Additionally, they offer their customers the ability to monitor a wide array of social channels including Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter, as well as 6,000 online news websites, 18 million blogs, and 500,000 message boards.

Since Microsoft Dynamics CRM is used by 3 million users from 39,000 customers in over 80 countries this type of global approach made the Netbreeze acquisition a good fit.

What Is Yammer?

Yammer is a leading provider of enterprise social networks

Yammer is the fastest way you can:

  • search for people who have information that you might need

  • quickly get an answer or a response to a question

  • contribute to groups and communities of people who share topics of interest

  • quickly filter the things that you want to track and stay on top of things you care about

Yammer is completely changing the way people work in terms of sales people, or marketing people, or customer service people, being able to get information about an opportunity or a customer. Again, it is serving that New Customer in a new way.

Yammer is right inside the Microsoft Dynamics CRM application.

How Much Does Yammer Cost with Dynamics CRM? The acquisition of Yammer was announced in June 2012 and they announced native integration with Dynamics CRM in October 2012. You still need to purchase Yammer separately from Dynamics CRM; there is a free version and a premium (paid) version. But the two products work together so that when you install Yammer within your Dynamics CRM environment, it just shows up within the CRM application.

Bringing It All Together

If you think about Yammer together with Netbreeze and Marketing Pilot with Dynamics CRM at the back end making all this stuff work together, it is very powerful combo in terms of the social story. It is internal social collaboration tied together with external sentiment listening and then the ability to execute social media campaigns and bring it all together.

No doubt it is this strategy and vision that has helped Microsoft Dynamics CRM see 30 percent year over year growth. Microsoft Dynamics CRM can confidently look toward the future and embrace the changing buying cycles of the New Customer.


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