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Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 - User Experience

Increase revenue, maximise marketing revenue, improve customer satisfaction and capitalise on relationships across your organisation with a CRM solution that is familiar, intelligent and connected. Here are some of the new features of Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011:

Outlook Client / Role tailored forms and views / Connection & Connection Roles / Field level security / Improved Personalisation and Visualisation / Flexible Goal Management / Web resources / SharePoint Integration

Easy Navigation

"Get Started" Pane

  • Users can now access help content more quickly and easily, including videos on how to use a particular feature:


CRM 2011 Get Started Pane

Home page button, Recently viewed folder & Pin view 

  • The New Home button navigates to your homepage from any screen wherever you are in the system.
  • Users can easily access the records they frequently work with using the recently viewed folder. these records will be continually overwritten or users can "pin" items or favourites they access frequently.
pin view and home page button

Familiar Microsoft Office Interface (UI) experience

  • CRM 2011 features a context-sensitive Ribbon which changes when users interact with the page, intelligently organising and presenting the most relevant commands.
  • The ribbon now allows users to qualify a list of leads (multiple leads) via a button on the ribbon. Users can assign, merge or add to a queue multiple records from any entity type.
  • More extensive use of the Windows Office ribbon layout (replacing menus in ‘My Workspace’) which lets the user create related records (activities, notes, relationship records, etc.).
From this:
To this:
CRM 2011 Ribbon 
  • More Streamlined Record Management – by using the contextual Ribbon a user can mark an opportunity as won, disqualify a lead, or resolve a case without having to open the relevant form!
  • Easier customisation (and saving of customisations) from within the record – authorised users no longer need to navigate to the Customisation area under Settings. The Ribbon gives multiple customisation options such as customised forms and entities, publish entities and manage solutions.
  • A native Outlook interface allows users to access a full capability of Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 from within Outlook.
  • Users can manage everyday tasks such as email, meetings, contacts, customer information and calendar appointments - in one place.
  • Users can see all of the Microsoft Dynamics CRM–related features in the left-hand navigation pane right within the Outlook interface. There is no need to switch between multiple applications.
  • Users can see what information is tracked within Microsoft Dynamics CRM.
  • Use preview panes, personal views, record pinning and Most Recently Used lists to find the information needed.
  • Recurring Activities - users can set up recurring appointments in CRM and synchronise them with Outlook.
  • With CRM 2011, users can convert an incoming email in Outlook to a Sales Opportunity in Microsoft Dynamics CRM. This functionality reduces time and minimises data input, allowing users to seamlessly track all communications and customer-related data in one system
CRM 2011 Outlook- Preview Pane


Role tailored forms and views

  • Role-based forms in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 provide organisations with the ability to tailor data – and its presentation – to the role of the user.


  • Teams are now able to  own record, in the past resords were owned by users or the organisation. This new inclusion of teams reduce the need for users to share records so frequently.


  • CRM 2011 displays forms and views based on user roles. These role-tailored forms and views ensure fast access to the relevant information required, and also prevent users from seeing data that they are not authorised to view.​
CRM 2011 Role Tailored Forms


  • Replacement of tabs within a record with left navigation option
  • The ability to track and manage your most important business relationships is provided through "Connection"


  • Establishing connection roles we define associations between different types of records


  • The "Connection Role" is the link between the two records you are trying to connect


  • You can set up a connection between any different type of entity in the system, including custom ones​
CRM 2011 Connections


  • Now user access can be controlled through permissions at a field level, not just record level.
  • You can now enable and disable field level security for every custom field in the system
  • User permissions can be set or restricted to Update, Create or Read only access for specific fields.
  • Bulit-in auditing is now included into CRM and it can be enabled across areas such as  Sales, Marketing, Customer Service and Common entity.
  • Audit tool will help you to keep track of all the changes that have been made to a record at a field level, since the time the record was created
CRM 2011 Field Level Security
With CRM 2011 you can configure personalised workspace to meet your role and needs:
  • Set the default pane and tab  that will display when opening CRM 2011. 
  • Create personal views – users have control over links that appear in their view, allowing addition of commonly used records 
  • Users control the number of commonly used records in lists. 
  • Personalise dashboards to measure performance. Dashboards can include inline charts , i-Frames, CRM grids, and Web Resources which can also be designed and formatted to meet individual user needs.​
CRM 2011 Visualisation
  • Dashboards can be set up by each user and also shared between users. Inline charts can be added with drill-down capability to visually navigate data, identify trends, and uncover new insights.
  • "Conditional Formatting" allows your data lists to be colour coded
CRM 2011 Conditional Formatting

  • CRM 2011 enables users to create, track progress and measure multiple goals associated with different time-lines.
  • Goal management enables you to set up and track goals for any type of user or team (sales, marketing and customer service) for any kind of metric. For example, goal can be set for customer satisfaction survey tracking, activity quota tracking etc.
  • Managers can now review team and individual goals​
CRM 2011 Goal Management
Web Resources allow the storage of client side code such as HTML pages, Data (XML), JavaScript, CSS, or Silverlight (XAP) file.
Once users create a web resource, this can be used across multiple entities. It also allows the reference of Web Resources from other solutions. it also allows the Web resources from other solutions
  • Web Resources can be thought of as “virtual files” that would normally be placed on a web server but now can be stored in the Dynamics CRM database.
  • CRM functionality can be extended by adding custom web content (for example, Style Sheets (CSS), HTML, Images, Silverlight, JavaScript, ICO format, JPG format) to CRM forms.
  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 provides JavaScript libraries that can be utilised on events and forms across the solution.
  • Multiple JavaScript libraries can be created as well.
CRM 2011 Web Resources
Allow users "out of the box" to make use of SharePoint's document management capabilities including:
  • Create, upload, view or delete documents in SharePoint server from Microsoft Dynamics CRM.
  • Document check in / check out, view version history or change the properties of any document.
  • Documents can be saved to and accessed from SharePoint by using the documents folder in any entity in the system.
CRM 2011 - Contextual SharePoint
Multimedia Center
  • CRM2011 & Fluent UI

  • CRM2011 & Outlook

  • CRM2011 Dashboards

  • CRM2011 Inline Visualisation

  • CRM2011 Goal Management

  • CRM2011 & SharePoint


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