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For extending the Dynamics CRM platform, a number of new integrations are available:

SharePoint integration

  • creation, upload, view, and deletion of documents on a SharePoint server from Microsoft Dynamics CRM
  • SharePoint document management capabilities within Dynamics CRM, such as check in and check out of the document, viewing version history, and changing the properties of the document.

Windows Azure integration

  • provides a secure channel for communicating Microsoft Dynamics CRM run-time data to external cloud based line of business (LOB) applications and sustaining synchronicity
  • allows developers to build applications and services and connect with existing on-premise applications.

Windows Communication Foundation (WCF)

  • CRM 2011 uses this as the primary service endpoint.  WCF is a programming model for using managed code to build unified Web services and other distributed systems that can communicate with each other. WCF focuses on how to connect XML to programs that are built using developer languages supported by Microsoft, such as VB.NET and C#.









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