M4 for Upgrade Service


If you have already implemented a Microsoft Dynamics system and are looking to upgrade this to the latest version, thereby taking advantage of Microsoft’s huge R&D investment in the Dynamics solutions (currently US$ 1 billion - more than 12% of their overall R&D budget), we can help.
We follow a structured upgrade procedure in order to minimise system downtime and protect the integrity of data and any security configurations in the transition process. If we are not already familiar with your system set-up, including any report or form customisations, security settings and third party product integrations, we recommend a system audit in the first instance. A further recommendation would be to perform a test upgrade (usually performed remotely to reduce costs) using a copy of your data, before upgrading the live system. Throughout the upgrade process, from pre-upgrade system consultation through to post-upgrade services, including training on new features and system support, we endeavour to deliver a service that will respect your preferred methods of working (off/on-site, delivery hours, attitude to risk, etc) and also will accommodate your need to maximise business efficiency.
We can advise you on the upgrade path, database migration, latest hot fixes and service packs, as well as deal with any questions pertaining to licensing and enhancement plans. All customers on a current Microsoft Dynamics enhancement plan (or Software Assurance in the case of CRM) will automatically be eligible to access the latest software version and service packs. In some cases, there may be a possibility that customers have lapsed on their enhancement plan; in which case we can help with the re-enrolment process and give you a full breakdown of costs, including re-enrolment fee, new enhancement plan rates as well as details and full transparency of our consultancy / upgrade charges.
Don’t take our word for it, take a look at our customers Upgrade Testimonials.