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Microsoft Dynamics AX Production Benefits

Production in Microsoft Dynamics AX can help you:

Manage production in a demand-driven environment - View real-time, integrated work in progress (WIP) with actual costs; make adjustments to avoid potential delays or cost overruns; and streamline inventory management based on demand and forecasting.
Anticipate and reduce bottlenecks - Gain tight control over every aspect of the production floor with bottleneck scheduling. Quickly view processes and work utilisation as a whole with a Gantt chart and use drag-and-drop rescheduling to minimise delays.
Gain deep insight across the supply chain - With visibility throughout the entire supply chain, you can streamline business processes, optimise resources, minimise lead times and identify accurate delivery dates.
Improve control of production processes - Define manufacturing resources, including machines, people, tools and subcontractors, and allocate them to work centre groups. Tightly control schedules by using finite or infinite capacity scheduling for maximum flexibility.

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