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Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 - Powerfully Simple...

The release of Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 has been developed to maximize that fidelity between the way the software is designed and the way companies and people actually work.
Here are some brief highlights...


A powerful foundation that is purpose-built for five industries: manufacturing, distribution, retail, services, and public sector, along with comprehensive, core ERP functionality for financial, human resources and operations management. All packaged in a single global solution thus giving customers a rapid time to value.​
Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012
Most industry-specific solutions only cater to that industry; Dynamics AX 2012 offers five in one. This answers a real need that customers have to integrate solutions across industries. Manufacturers, for example, often manage their own distribution and sometimes their own direct retail operations. Other companies have segments of their business that operate on a project basis, like services companies. Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 makes all of this functionality available in a single solution.​

Examples of industry specific capabilities for the Public Sector embedded within Dynamics AX 2012 are:

  • Office interoperability
  • Role Tailored Centres with performance dashboards
  • Multiyear budgeting, accounting, and reporting for projects and grants with the capability to track multiple funding sources and automatically distribute funds according to program guidelines
  • Travel Expense Management
  • Audit Workbench allows organisations to define and update their corporate policies and automate the audit process
  • Budgetary Controller enables organisations to define how they want to manage expenditures and achieve greater control of the procurement process
  • Self Service capabilities enable organisations to update their profile data, upload catalog content, review payments and submit invoices online


Excellence for a business application begins with two primary challenges: how well does the software model the real world, and how quickly can I make it fit my business in a rapidly changing world?


Microsoft Dynamics AX2012 achieves agility through a set of unified natural models that serve as a library of business processes reflecting real-world situations. This enables customers to easily modify their organizations and processes to meet their changing business needs.

Fundamental elements of the unified, natural models in Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 include: 

  • Flexible business organisation modelling allowing you to capture the physical locations of your business, legal entity structure, and business reporting structure.
  • People, with seperate modelling of the person, their reporting hierarchy, and their role.
  • Declarative representation of business workflow, policies, and currency limits - and the ability to specialise that policy for different parts of the organisational model, without writing a single line of code.
  • Unlimited financial dimensions, allowing categorisation and analysis of transactions across multiple axes.
  • Date effectively for data models at the framework level, with additional security on future effective information, to streamline the definition of - "to be" organisational structures, hierarchies, processes, and policies, and to enable before-and-after reporting across organisational changes.



Simplicity through an easy-to-use solution offering access to information that is relevant to the work at hand. The familiar Microsoft Office user interface drives adoption and the enhanced business intelligence (BI) capabilities help customers uncover fresh insights that can lead to faster and more informed decision making.

Examples of how Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 simplifies and streamlines business activities: 

  • Bidirectional Interoperability allows users to access and refresh data in AX without leaving Excel and Word
  • Role Tailored User Interface  includes FactBoxes, fast Tabs and Preview Panes that enables users to view data without leaving the current form
  • Role based security means that now organisations can simplify configuration and administration of services creating security permissions and implementing security policies
  • Powerful Workflow capabilities allow organisations to create more complex workflows
    • The Graphical Workflow Editor enables drag-and-drop functionality for workflow creation
    • Work Item Queues help users to control what they work on and load balance across the team if and when necessary
  • SharePoint simplifies collaboration and enables information sharing directly from within AX 2012
  • Microsoft Lync enables instant access to information and connection with customers, suppliers and colleagues 


Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 is now generally available in 25 countries and 23 languages - please download Microsoft Dynamics AX Availability Guide
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