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Azure SQL for Cloud Deployments

Microsoft’s cloud platform, known as Azure, allows users to build, deploy, and manage different applications across global networks.

The new Dynamics AX offers a single-tenant deployment model. Each user gets a separate instance of software, which will run on an isolated piece of infrastructure. The single-tenant model uses Azure’s infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS), which offers customers total control over virtual machines and network configurations.

Azure SQL provides two major services: platform-as-a-service (PaaS) and database-as-a-service (DBaaS). Although the PaaS model doesn’t allow you to control or manage the software and network servers, you’ll be able to customise the system and create new applications using the tools included in AX. In the DBaaS model, you can develop and manage applications without assuming the responsibility for database administration functions. Since Microsoft will manage the system and servers, you don’t need to hire IT personnel to maintain the database.

The new Dynamics AX also uses Microsoft’s model-driven layered architecture (MDLA), which facilitates the development of individual application objects for each company. This means that you can develop your own tables, code units, reports, etc. according to your organisation’s needs.

Why Azure SQL?

Delivering a powerful combination of IaaS, PaaS, and DBaaS, Azure lets users build, deploy, and manage applications any way they want. In addition, it is:


  • Flexible – Encouraging innovation, Azure supports various frameworks, tools, and systems. Azure also guarantees above 99 percent availability along with round-the-clock service monitoring and tech support


  • Economical – With Azure, you can offer a wide variety of services to customers, build new applications that work on any device, and benefit from a package that can be scaled up and down to match your demands. Simply put, you only pay for what you use


  • Hybrid ready – Delivering an intelligent enterprise-proven cloud solution, Azure allows you to combine the functionality of your datacenter with private and public clouds. With this platform, you can expand your IT options and add new features so that your organisation becomes more efficient

Built on Azure, the new Dynamics AX offers lower implementation and maintenance costs, a smoother transition to the cloud, and immediate access to future system upgrades. 


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