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Warehouse Management

New features include: easily configurable put away and picking workflows, advanced cycle counting and location replenishment capabilities, support of cluster picking, warehouse handheld device support, and support for different picking strategies for batch and non-batch items.

In addition, handheld device capability, which comes out of the box, gives warehouse workers scanning precision and enhanced performance in picking and put away processes.

Demand Forecasting

Demand Forecasting is a lightweight, yet powerful demand forecasting tool that enables organisations to forecast demand based on historical data using Microsoft SQL Server forecasting algorithms, adjust the forecasted demand using the familiar environment of Microsoft Excel, and import the values into Microsoft Dynamics AX forecast models. Demand Forecasting will help organisation improve the accuracy of forecasts and therefore improve product availability, and minimize inventory costs.

Serial Number Tracking Enhancements for Service and Warranty Scenarios

Serialised items are now supported in the sales and return processes without the need for tracking serial numbers through inventory.

Trade Allowance Management

Offer customers pay-for-performance monetary rewards for achieving volume and behavioural goals with sales promotion programs. The trade allowance management capabilities are designed for organisations utilisng end-to-end promote-to-profit processes, starting from promotion fund budgeting and allocation, allowance contract setup, claims creation and processing, payment processing and ending with promotion effectiveness analysis.

Vendor Rebate Management

Automate administration, tracking and claiming process of vendor rebates. Reduce administrative burden and errors associated with promotion performance monitoring and claim processing and improve cash flow forecasts through accruing for future receivables. Have a quantified basis for ongoing and future negotiations on rebates with the vendor.

Broker and Royalty Contract Management

Manage payment of fees to brokers for the service of facilitating sales with broker contract management. Control usage- based payments for the right to the ongoing use of an asset or an intellectual property with royalty management. This module will reduce the administrative burden of managing royalties and broker payments.


Purchasing agents now have greater flexibility to configure corresponding rules and details to support solicitation management, including control over response types such as sealed and open type bids. With improved bid scoring and evaluation the purchasing agents can establish tabulation criteria with different award methodologies.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Integration, Project Client Integration and Visual Scheduling

Project pursuit and delivery teams will now have the ability to work together in sync across Microsoft Dynamics products (CRM and AX) when outlining project scope, estimating costs and fees, producing quotations, and tracking progress in project execution.

eCommerce and Social

eCommerce and Social Media integration provides retailers with an opportunity to engage and connect with their customers on their terms, while offering an integrated and end-to-end omni-channel shopping experience.

Enhancements let retailers extend services to their customers, for example, allowing them to connect with friends and followers who also share purchasing intentions and preferences on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.  


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