M4 Capabilities

Microsoft only sells Dynamics via certified partners - encouraging healthy competition and also co-operation (co-optation) between them.
Selecting the appropriate  partner is a major factor towards determining the level of success and quality of a Dynamics based implementation.
The internal costs, for any organisation associated with implementing such a project, far exceeds the software license costs . Also the benefits arising from a well implement system, configured optimally to meet relevant requirements, are dramatically higher (we're talking literally £ Millions over the lifecycle) compared to a poorly implemented system - which in some cases can even be negative - if the partner is incompetent (which does happen, even with Microsoft's accreditation process)!
We therefore believe that it is critical for purchasers to be very careful with their partner selection and to place much higher priority upon the capabilities and quality of their partner choice -  than other comparatively trivial factors, such as gaining a few percentage points discount on license costs.

Here are some of the reasons why you should consider M4:

  • Our primary goal at M4 Systems is to develop and maintain an excellent long-term business relationship with all of our customers
  • Single Partner to deliver  ERP and CRM and .Net Development - Rare combination in UK partner channel
  • Highly conscious that we should be, always delivering value to our customers

Positive, Pragmatic, Fair, Optimistic, Attitude

  • Hugely Talented 'in-house' Development team (most partners outsource this function)
  • Ability to deliver - Complex multi-national projects with challenging integration requirements

Wide range of skills including:

  • Managers - Microsoft Sure Step and Prince II Certified Project Managers
  • Consultants - Microsoft Certified ERP Application Consultants , Microsoft Certified CRM Application Consultants
  • Qualified Accountants
  • Developers - .Net Development  Engineers , SharePoint Developers
  • Microsoft certified Network Engineers 
  • Designers - SQL Database Designers, Silverlight Designers
  • Experts - Virtualisation Experts, SaaS expert
  • Exchange Server Engineers
We love technology - we derive tremendous satisfaction, when our customers realise benefit - from technologies, that we have helped them to implement.
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If you would like to find out more about M4 and the systems we deliver - please call us on 0845 5000 777 or e-mail sales@m4systems.com.  or complete call back form.
We will then arrange an initial zero obligation meeting, to discuss your requirements in detail - our sales team are all highly experienced and knowledgeable, they have a technical implementation background. They will provide knowledge and advice which should prove valuable, no matter which system or partner is selected.